Shared Storage Directory

Gateway Storage

  1. Storage is available for gateway users to view their experiment data and also to create directories and store their data files.
  2. Apart from individually created data directories and experimental data directories gateways can also have a central shared directory for all the gateway users to access.
  3. To enable the 'Shared' central directory, as the gateway admin you need to request from the SciGaP team.
  4. This Directory is accessible to admins and other users though WorkspaceStorage
  5. The 'Shared' directory cannot be deleted.
  6. As the gateway admin, you can;
    • Add child directories to the 'Shared'
    • Add files into 'Shared'
    • Add files into child directories within 'Shared'
    • Remove files from 'Shared' and child directories
    • Delete child directories
  7. Please NOTE: once deleted there is no method to recover. Prior to deletion, you would be prompted with a confirmation message to ensure that you are responsible for the action as the gateway admin.