Group Resource Profile (GRP)

Register your Compute & Storage Resources

NOTE: Only SciGaP admins or gateway service provider can add compute resources and storage resources.

What is a compute resource?
A compute resource is an object that represents a host, host cluster, or pool in a virtualization platform, a virtual data center, or an Amazon region on which machines can be provisioned.
Compute resource could come as national resources, campus resources or even a private cluster.
NOTE:For testing purposes, users (mainly gateway developers) this could even be the local machine.

What is a storage resource?
A storage resource is the server that stores all user data files: application input files and output files.
Most of the time this is the same server that the gateway is deployed in. The storage resource can be either provided by the gateway provider or by you.
If the gateway service provider is providing the resource, then there will be file retention policies in place.

Compute Resource Information

Provide the information below to get your compute resource/HPC registered with Super admin portal, SciGaP
1. HPC Name (This is the name used to SSH to the resource)
2. Queue details (Queue name, maximum limits of nodes, CPUs and Walltime.)
3. Resource manager type (SLURM, PBS)
4. Job command binary path